Welcome to the Adventist English Association website! It is a pleasure to connect with colleagues from a variety of institutions all over the world. It is our hope that this website will facilitate communication about our common interests and common concerns in the discipline.

I especially want to welcome those who are in graduate programs in English. The demographics of current Adventist English professors show that within a few years there will be many openings for young professors. Keep in contact with us through the website as you get near the completion of your degree.

In the summer of 2016 Southwestern Adventist University will be hosting the next Adventist English Association conference, June 16-19. The theme of the conference is “Change in the Adventist English Department,” and we hope that many of you will be able to join us here in Texas, giving presentations and sharing your teaching experience. There will be no Wednesday night banquet; instead the meetings with begin on Thursday morning, June 16, with a plenary session on the theme of change. This scheduling gives everyone time to travel to Texas. We will be taking afternoon trips to Fort Worth for the Arts District and Dallas for the JFK Museum. Watch the website for registration and further information on the conference. Housing will be available in the dormitories on campus and in local hotels.

At the conference there will be many opportunities to share your research with your colleagues. The topic of change makes it easy for whatever research you are currently doing to fit into a presentation slot, for example: changes in literary understanding, technological change in the classroom, changes in writing pedagogy and theory. A call for papers will appear on this website.

Become a member of the Adventist English website by registering your name, your institution, and your contact information. We are glad you have joined us.


Judy Myers Laue

President, Adventist English Association